Justine from Mad Science


On December 21st, the Mad Science BRIXOLOGY program brought engineering-based design to the Malibu Library. Children ages 7-12 used critical thinking skills and knowledge of engineering principles to construct bridges made of specially designed LEGOS. Participants worked in teams of two to create the strongest bridge and test its strength using a two-pound weight. 


Beat Buds


On December 19th, the BEAT BUDS entertained toddlers ages 0-2. Children and their caretakers embarked upon on a musical journey through interactive experience including major and minor keys, rhythmic and melodic exploration, singing, dancing, and instrumental play. 


Painting and Planting


On December 2nd, participants hand painted pots and planted succulents to take home. Library staff members (Insley and Debbie) conducted a two-hour workshop blending art, design and plant care into a delightful afternoon for adults. Large terracotta pots, acrylic paints and design books provided the inspiration for individualized creativity followed by a lecture on succulents, their origin, care, and medicinal use. All supplies and plants were provided by the Friends. 


Ricardo Ybarra


In November, Malibu’s First Poet Laureate, Ricardo Ybarra, presented two workshops at our library in conjunction with the City’s Cultural Arts program. This event fulfilled the program’s goal to promote poetry and organize an annual poetry invitational, with invited poets reading their own as well as other poets’ works. Ybarra’s published poetry include: “A Framing Job” and “Beyond the Reef”, two novels, as well as children’s books, “Scratch” and “Pirates of Paradise Cove”. 


Holiday Sale 2017


We are pleased to announce that there will be a special one-day Holiday Book Sale at the Malibu Library on Saturday, December 9, 2017, from 9:00 AM-4 PM. This sale will provide attendees the perfect chance to buy amazing holiday gifts at unbelievably low prices! Featured will be high quality books in hardcover, over sized paperbacks, children’s books, DVD’s, CD’s, audio books, and special collection books. With gift-giving in mind, categories will include fiction, history, biography, cooking, decorating, art, travel, and beautiful picture books for kids, among others. Most prices are just $1.00 and up. Please come and bring your family and friends!


Marionettes Show


On September 7th, Franklin Haynes Marionettes came to the library to entertain children 5-12 and their families. The show “The Princess and The Pirates” involved freeing the Princess from Jack Cannonball and Skull Island. Other characters included her brother John, the pirate’s dog Treasure and their island friends. Children sat in a circle around the stage; mesmerized by touching and interacting with the characters. Mr. Haynes closed the show with a demonstration of how to make puppets using household items.


Accessible Astronomy


On August 10th, Richard Wade presented “Down to Earth Astronomy” for children 5-12 and their families. Using common objects, the audience learned “How Big is Big? How Far is Far?” by building scale models of the earth, moon, sun, solar system and stars to grasp the vastness of the universe. The program was especially meaningful as Richard also explained the upcoming solar eclipse, how it occurs, what to expect and how to safely watch it. 


Aloha from the Islands


On July 27th, the Polynesian Dancers once again provided the Summer Program Finale. The standing-room-only crowd enjoyed music, costumes and dances from a variety of islands. Children were called up on stage to learn basic dance patterns and performed several songs as a group. After the Polynesian performance, attendees re-convened in the outside patio for refreshing Italian ice, fruit drinks and fruit kabobs while being serenaded with classic favorites performed by our local favorite, the Malibu Ukulele Orchestra


Decorate Your Notebook


On July 26th, Insley Julier along with the Malibu HS summer interns enjoyed an afternoon expressing their individual style through coloring and creating personalized notebooks. This program was part of the summer reading program; a great way to prepare students for the 2017-18 fall school year. 


Cupcake Decorating


On July 19th, Insley Julier, with the help of Malibu HS summer interns hosted teens and tweens for summer cupcake decorating. The Friends purchased cupcakes from Sweet Arlene’s, plus icing, tube frosting and fondant. Participants frosted the cakes in white, then rolled out fondant and used cookie cutters to make shapes, and finished it all by using tube frosting to complete their masterpieces. Parents rushed to take photos before products were enthusiastically devoured!