The FOML Bookstore

The FOML Bookstore

Our bookstore helps keep books moving through the community between book fairs. Please come in and donate gently used books, DVD’s and computer games that your family no longer uses. Pick up inexpensive copies of your children’s summer-reading books, cookbooks, gardening guides, or the best sellers you missed last season. Meet your Malibu neighbors who serve as volunteers to staff the bookstore – or better yet, join them for a few hours a week yourself. Hours are M-F 11-5 and Sat-Sun 1-5.

We always carry a wide selection. Check our new-acquisitions table weekly.

Hardback & over sized paperback books $1.00.
Paperback books 50 cents.
Children’s books 50 cents – $1.00.
Special collectible books $2.00 & up.
Audio tapes $1.00 and up. DVD’s $1.00.
Computer software & games $1.00 and up. 
Malibu Historical Postcards $1.00.


Check out our large selection of children's books!

Check out our large selection of children’s books!



We need volunteers! CLICK HERE TO GET INVOLVED!